RWC Players Dogfight Image
Meet the Company of Redwood City Players' Dogfight

Director: Marley Teter
Music Director: Benjamin Belew
Vocal Director: Kevin Brownstein
Choreographer: Gary Ferguson
Stage Managers: Crystal Amaya & Alissa Clynne
Costume Designer: Rachel Beck
Military Consultant: Brigadier General (ret.) Alexander Kozlov

Eddie Birdlace: Jason Mooney
Boland: Thomas Times
Bernstein: John Charles Quimpo
Rose Fenny: Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov 
Marcy: Michelle Skinner 
Mama: Molly Thornton
Lounge Singer: Paul Hogarth
Ruth Two Bears: Sage Alberto
Fector: Zach Helfinstein
Gibbs: Meaghan Anderson
U/s Rose & Marcy:  Morgan Peters
Ensemble: Sage Alberto, Paul Hogarth, Morgan Peters, Molly Thornton

RWC Players Dogfight Image

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